All about M4theM

M4theM was concieved in a young boy’s mind .  It was way back in 1977 that the idea for M4theM was one of the daydreams a bored 8 year old young man gave his thoughts to on long school days (in place of the teacher or homework).

The dreams followed him all the way through High School only now he was doing the math it took to plan the racing circuits he envisioned in his mind’s eye and graphing them out on paper, giving them at least a hint of reality in the existence of a “Plan”.

Once again,  more attention was given to the dream than to actual schoolwork.

A lot has happened since 1977; a wife, children and even grandchildren entered the young man’s life to lead him in many wonderful and unexpected directions.  While it was wonderful, that life muffled the dream. 

Life never smothered the dream completely.  Little by little, one piece and one small step at a time, facets of the dream started to turn to reality.

Now, finally, 40+ years later, the dream is finally taking shape.  A dream that rewarding automotive enjoyment can be provided to not just the rich, famous or lucky, but that it can be within the reach of everyone that owns a car and dreams of enjoying that car to its full potential.

So, read on for the details of what we are about by clicking the individual categories above, or better yet,  come on out and dive in to enjoy the journey with us. Together we will turn dreams into reality by providing many forms of Motorsport 4the Masses.

M4theM is a family business owned and operated by Rob and Amber Bolling.

While being the founder and vision of M4theM Rob also serves in the role of Track Steward and as an instructor. 

Amber serves as Race Manager for on-track events and also coordinates all administrative personnel.  She serves as event hostess at on-road meetups/drives as well.

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