Triple Threat Challenge

2021 hopefully will bring at least a few tests of a new competition format.

We are calling it the Triple Threat Challenge or “TTC”.

A TTC event will be an all-day where event each participant will have practice runs in three different elements, followed by timed competition runs in each element.

The elements will be chosen based on the venue.

One venue it may be running the SCDE course Clockwise, then Counterclockwise, followed by a 1/12th or 1/10th mile Drag run.

At another, it might be an SCDE course, followed by an oval and a Drag run.

It will be a variety to test both driver and car in multi-disciplines and tracks.

Each competitor will be given times for each competition session.  From the times, we will reward the fastest participants in each element and combined, as well as the most consistent in each.

It will be much simpler than the SCS format we tested in Franklin in 2020 and will flow naturally through the course of the day.

For classes, we will keep it simple and gentlemen like.

Stock 4cyl, Stock 6+ Cyl.  Normal Aspiration for both.

Then for modified or boosted cars, we will divide based on HP to weight ratio.

Finally, a “run what you brung” class for top dogs.

It will likely be later in the year before we test and it is mainly for variety and to scratch the competitive itch some of our participants have.


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