Short Course Scramble

Coursecross or “Course-X” is somewhere between an autocross and a track day.  Here are the basic similarities and differences to expect:

  1.     No cones to read, the track is just that, a track.  It is done on either a real race track or a temporary road course in large parking lots such as ones used for autocross.  Temporary courses are between 25-35 feet wide and completely lined with WIDE bright lines just like a public road. The only cones denote “out of bounds” or countdown cones to braking zones, turn-in and apexes etc.
  2.     No long sessions of track work.  We staff the event with most of the needed workers and fill in holes with competitors that are willing to trade a lower entry fee for a job helping during the event.  Working is not mandatory for fully paid participants.  
  3.     Multiple laps are run versus a point to point format as is the norm in most solo events.  Final details will vary from venue to venue and may depend on the timing system employed. The day will consist of practice sessions, followed by timed qualifying sessions and at the end of the day, the top 16-32 fastest PAX cars will do a head to head knockout bracket to declare an ultimate champion.
  4. The biggest difference is this, TRACK TIME.  Depending on the venue, anywhere between 45 minutes to over an hour of flying-lap track time is afforded to competitors.

At this time  M4theM is in the final stages of ironing out the details of a potential multi event series for next year as well as negotiating venues for one off events all over the southeast at various tracks and racing facilities and event locations.

We hope to hold some initial events this late summer and fall to iron out the procedures for the official events next driving season so check back and stay in touch with us on social media to make sure you can grab a spot on track.

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