Short Course Scramble

Short Course Scramble (SCS) competitions are an outgrowth of the SCDE program and will operate following the same basic SCDE rules and procedures while multiple cars are on the track together.

Final rules and procedures are still being planned  but as of right now, the plan is for SCS competitions to consist of 5 Timed elements. over the course of 4 distinctive types driving of sessions.

1.   Practice sessions (Timing element 1)
2.   Precision driving sessions (Timing elements 2 & 3)
3.   Qualifying Sessions (Timing element 4)
4.   Bracketed Knockout Tournament (Timing element 5)

Awards will be given out within individual run groups as well as overall among all competitors.  There will be no need for a fancy or expensive car build.  That will give no advantage towards the overall competition.  It is designed to be run what you brung and a Prius could successfully compete with an A Mod build or any other vehicle.  

We plan to run 2 test events by early summer 2020 with the current hope of actual competitions before the end of this driving season.

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