Crazy Days

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Wow, been having some really crazy days here lately. Well, days and nights. I’m up at 8:30 and go to bed around 2:30. Guess what I’m doing in between? That’s right, sitting behind a computer keyboard and doing all the behind the scenes administrative work so we can have a great driving season here with M4theM.

I get to do some hands on this weekend, and actually get the whole team together so we can try to communicate everything that is going on. (or not)

Believe it or not, I think we may actually pull this crazy thing off. We should also have some fairly big and really good news to reveal. I keep calling and calling vendors and partners and they keep promising and promising that they are working on things as hard as they can. If only they were as talented and reliable as my team of volunteers.

Still, I keep getting told by these folks I am waiting and having to rely on that they will come through very soon.


Now there is a precise time frame.

Hangin’ in and hangin’ on!


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