Driver Training

Driver training/education is a foundational value of M4theM.

Whether it is driving on the street, negotiating twisty mountain roads, bettering your skills in autocross or learning the art of high performance driving on a track, M4theM can provide what every driver needs.

Our approach is a bit different than some, instead of a simple “this is how to do it”, we prefer to lay a foundation of “this is WHY you do it”, along with the basic physics,  geometry and philosophy behind what you are doing.

That allows us to guide the driver into the “how” armed with knowledge that allows them to pick up on it easier and continue to better themselves after the instructor is no longer with them.



At this time, M4theM offers in-car novice Autocross instruction, the classroom portion of high performance/on track driving,  basic defensive driving and  “Surviving the Twisties” for on-road sports car drivers and their clubs.

To inquire further about any of these programs click any of the links below.

Classroom Instruction for HP Driving

Learn the why, theory and techniques of high performance driving.

Staying Alive in the Twisties

Includes the content of Basic Defensive Driving with the particulars important to mountain/rural driving.
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