Great Rockingham Events in June. A little frustration to start July.

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Wow! what great events on the 12th and 26th. On the 12th we ran our best track yet at the Little Rock Roval and have a great plan in place with the speedway to continue there.

Then, we got to lead the charge for getting cars going around the oval and infield road course again with a stellar event on the 26th. Hopefully, we can do more on the big track to get the local community involved.

However, we still do not have our Semi rig and trailer up and running as little gremlins keep having them not allow me to take the CDL test and we are wearing out the Pickup and small trailers by working them so hard.

We are at a place logistically that we can not support our venues that are more than a couple of hours away for the time being so, due to this unfortunately, the July 17-18 events at Summit Point are cancelled. Franklin is the same time and distance from our headquarters as Summit Point, so for now, we are cancelling events there as well. No Franklin event on Aug 21.

The next Rockingham Little Rock event is on for Aug 14th and will be opened for registration soon.

We still plan to do Bristol as well for Aug 28th. We are hoping and praying by then, all the equipment will be fully repaired and usable so we can finish all planned events for the season.

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