Growing Pains, Pleasures, and the debut of RCDE

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The last few weeks and months have been filled with ups and downs. Running a business is full of such but as bad as it hurts sometimes, decisions need to be made that are best for the long term instead of the moment at hand.

Here is a rundown of good, great, not so good, and the plain ole bad news.
we are dealing with right now.

Good: We have our truck and trailer both at HQ now. That means we are on the cusp of being able to transport everything in one vehicle.

Not so good: We are fighting wiring/air brake demons in our efforts to get it on the road. The truck is so old, it is hard to find mechanics that can or want to work on it. On the upside of this, we’ve run into some good people with great skills recently that are helping us get closer to being roadworthy and reliable.

Good: Little Rock Aug 14 is shaping up to be a good event. We are at almost half capacity and hope to build to 75% for the first time this year. If you haven’t registered yet, now would be a great time! We are committed to the last Franklin event Oct 23, and we hope we have a good enough turnout for Darlington in November. The math on events is simple, if enough register to break even, we hold events. If not, we simply can’t do them. Along these lines…

Not so good: Only 2 people have signed up for Bristol so far. Bristol is a charity event. Bristol does not charge us for use of the facilities but in return, they expect donations of at least $4000. M4theM is only taking enough money from entry fees to cover expenses for logistics, insurance, and EMS. Everything else goes directly to the charity, no profit. In order to reach the $4000 minimum, we are going to need at least 30-40 session entries for SCDE and 30-50 folks turning oval laps. If we can not meet the minimums, we will have to cancel. Please, join us in Bristol so we can establish a participant base there for future event opportunities, but most importantly so we can raise a good amount of money for Speedway Children’s Charities.

Bad news: With the uncertainty of the truck and trailer being ready in time, we are postponing any further Summit Point events until next spring. There is some good to this circumstance though. We get to choose 2022 dates this fall and therefore will be on Summit Point’s 2022 calendar and they will help promote our events next year.

Great news: RCDE (Race Circuit Driver’s Education) is set to debut Oct 2 at the Rockingham Roval Revival. RCDE is M4theM’s version of a track day. RCDE are run on permanent race circuits, have little to no temporary barriers (just drive the track), and allows our participants to experience full racecourses and apply what they have learned at SCDE at a higher speed environment. Registration opens VERY soon, be on the lookout.

To close, the state of M4theM is solid, we are just still in the beginning of our endeavor and having to work small. We are committed to do whatever it takes to make this survive and eventually thrive. We thank you, our participants and supporters, for coming along with us.

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