Private In-car Instruction

In-car instruction is available for both Autocross events and M4theM’s own CourseX competition.

If you are new to Autocross or CourseX, you can arrange for a personal instructor that will spend the entire day with you, walking you through every step from setting up your pit stall efficiently, numbering and lettering your car, going through tech, drivers meetings, course walk and even work the course with you during your work assignment.

Once it is your turn to drive, they will ride with you giving instruction and teaching you how to read cones at speed.  The instructor will also have a car in the event and will allow you to ride with them every run coaching you as they go.

When it is your “Off” session your coach will observe the other competitors with you, analyzing their runs, showing you the good, bad and ugly and explaining why something worked well, or why it did not.

After your day of coaching, you should be ready to begin your journey into becoming a competent, confident autocrosser. 

If you have been Autocrossing a while but can’t seem to reach the next level, then our Advanced Driving coaching is for you.  A seasoned  veteran with many podium finishes both at individual events and season championships will devote a whole day to making you a faster, better Autocrosser and supplying you with the tools you need to become a winner yourself.

Novice Instruction costs $175 per event and Advanced is $200.

If you would like to inquire about hiring an event coach, click here and put in-car instruction in the message along with any further questions you may have.

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