J@B is about driving. It is about driving with others and enjoying our cars.

That said, EVERYONE is expected to agree to and abide by the following guidelines.

#1 No one other than you is responsible for your choices behind the wheel or anywhere else. You make your own choices, you suffer your own consequences.

#2 Obey traffic laws. This is common sense. If the person in front of you chooses not to do so, it is on them, if you choose not to it is on you.  We also ask that June@Boone be a drug free event.

#3 Do not do things that are careless and reckless. Please be especially respectful in residential areas. Respect the hotel, no burnouts or exhaust expos please.

#4 Each person makes their own choices and are responsible for themselves but if your choices bring negative attention or consequences that could affect others in the group or the gathering in general, you will be asked to leave the event.

#5 Behave respectfully at the hotel. Have a few drinks with your friends if you wish but please do not become drunk or disorderly. If we like the place, we would like them to desire our continued patronage of their property.

If you can not agree to these simple expectations we respectfully ask you do not attend. 

If you can agree to this, we welcome you as a kindred spirit.

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