Exceptional Roads, Exceptional Drivers.

June@Boone is a meetup of drivers (all cars, not just Miatas) that want to experience the awesome roads of the central Appalachians together. It involves driving the twisty mountain roads found in the area each day.

It takes place at the Holiday inn Express, Boone, NC June 25-29 2019.

Hotel info here: https://www.facebook.com/gr…/1842841852492105/announcements/

It is free and anyone that agrees to our behavior expectations will be welcomed.

All that is asked of attendees is to read and acknowledge  the common expectations of behavior so that everyone can enjoy the gathering.

Those Expectations can be found Here.

If you ever attended Miatas in Boone in the fall, it is quite similar with just a little more structure and communication.  If you have not been to an MiB, and wonder what will go on at J@B, this LINK will give you a bit of that flavor.

A link to the event signup is below so we can estimate the numbers to expect :


Please only mark “going” after booking your room at Holiday Inn Express. If intending to go but not yet booked just mark “maybe” until you are booked at the hotel. (please do not stay at another area motel, the more stay at the host hotel, the cheaper it is for everyone.)

If you live in the area so not staying at the hotel, mark going but put a note on the event signup page so we know not to count you in the “how many rooms have been booked numbers”.

If you do not facebook, simply use the Contact Us page and let us know you are planning to be there and which days so we make sure we stake the steps to assure you are taken care of properly.

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