Learning experiences with great participants, Lil’ red cars and Covid Strikes Again.

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Franklin Report:

We asked our good people to come out to Franklin NC to help us test a new competition format, the Short Course Scramble.

Boy was the day a scramble!

It was a day of great fun, smooth sailing and success intermingled with MAJOR time consuming issues we uncovered dealing with the procedures for moving cars around and figuring out timing and scoring.

The great news is we leaned a lot, and we found the holes and mistakes we made so they will not happen in the future.

That was the point of the test, to uncover those things. Needless to say, in that respect, the test was a success, we uncovered some issues for sure. Special thanks to all that participated and especially those that stayed around all day as we muddled through.

This was a test! It is not something we will do regularly, our regular offering has not changed as far as the format goes, it is still 4 runs per half day, followed by a few more laps of bonus session if time allows at the end.

We will will continue to post lap times on Webscorer.com so you can judge your progress just as we started doing our last time to Darlington.

Participants from the Franklin test should look for an email soon where we both share a little more about what we learned and get feedback we can use to keep improving.

Torch and the Changli:

Having Jason Torchinsky and the Changli at the event was a blast and we are looking forward to working both he and the Changli in the future by providing a test track after he makes each performance upgrade.

He loved being with you fine folks and really loved the culture we are creating. That is a reflection on our great participants and staff members. You folks ARE M4theM.

Covid Strikes:

Unfortunately, our Winston Salem venue, the Winston Salem Fairgrounds has decided not to book any of our events on their site due to the current NC restriction of 50 persons max at an outdoor gathering due to Covid.

We respect their decision but are saddened that it will be next year before we can visit our nearest venue.

However, the good news is we now are in talks with Darlington to replace the November 21 Winston date with another SCDE event there.

We will announce the new date officially once we have a firm handle on what is possible.

Stay up on the wheel!


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Volunteer Heroes

As many of you know, we rely on volunteers to pull these events off and this event, work/family/previous plans left us with the smallest crew we have ever had for an event. The skeleton crew that was able to come did an unbelievable job and a crew of only 12 people presented a fantastic, smooth, on schedule event.

Winding down, and for a change, a nice surprise in 2020.

No one in their right mind would launch a company during a pandemic that destroyed so many long established small businesses. Certainly any thinking person would have closed up shop to wait and try once the madness was over.

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