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Our latest addition to our blog is “Meet the M4theM Drivers”. We asked a few drivers that had never attended one of our events for their feedback at our “Darlington Day of Discovery” event and they were kind enough to share their responses.

Let us introduce you to our first of these drivers;

Kinsey Soniat,
Modern Icon, Simpsonville, SC

“Kinsey is an experienced autocross competitor with SCCA and Clemson Sports Car Club. The M4theM SCDE was a new experience for her with multiple cars on course and passing. Add to it her normal car was not available due to repairs so she ran in her parents Subaru Legacy. She did a great job, caught on to our system rapidly and enjoyed the experience. We look forward to seeing her again in her regular autocross car.”

The following is Kinsey in her own words.

“The Motorsports for the Masses event was a great event. It was well organized, had a relaxed environment and everything was done on time, which is rare for events like this. They definitely allowed for plenty of time for the driver’s meetings and practice session and had it organized so that the course was almost always hot.

I arrived early for the afternoon session so that I could check out the end of the morning session. They let me check in early and I got to watch a few of the morning sessions. While watching I saw how the course was laid out, and got to see how they did grid and how they sent people on track. There are 3 “Classes” based on your car and experience, and each class gets 4 sessions on course. It’s clear that safety is a priority and they make sure that if somebody makes a mistake to talk to them and make sure they understand the mistake.

The driver’s meeting was informative and very clear; they even had enough instructors for each car as we went on course for a few practice laps. They have kept registration numbers low so there are plenty of instructors for those that need or want it. Lower numbers also means that they get to test new ways to run the event and see what works best. It’s great to see an event starting out right with the right people helping. 

I ran two of the 4 10 minute on-track sessions and coming from an autocross background it was great practice to be aware of other cars on track and what it’s like to be on course for longer than a minute at a time. There were quite a few first timers- including me- but there were plenty of people that it was their first track day/ race event. The event ran smoothly even with so many beginners. The sessions were not for time but for those of us that are more competitive, there was a two lap competition at the end of the afternoon. 

I’m excited to see this event grow. I will definitely be back to keep gaining confidence and seat time. It was a great experience and I am looking forward to their next event. I definitely recommend this event for anybody looking to gain confidence and experience. “

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