Frequently Asked Questions.

If it has 4+wheels, it is eligible.  The main show is judged on the top 75 cars regardless of make or model but if you bring something unique, I bet the judges will recognize it.  Most important, the spectators will.  Just come show off you baby and share the fun with others.

Q: Are helmets required?
A: No, but if your car has a roll cage or roll bars we HIGHLY recommend you wear your helmet.

Q: Can I take passengers?
A: As many as your seatbelts can hold.

Q: How fast can we go? 
A: As fast as your group of cars can stay safely spaced out and go.

Q: What kind of spacing do you expect? 
A: Minimum 2 carlengths, maximum about 5, any more any you are laying back.

Q: So, if I only want to go fast on the straights and go slow in the corners to make room to floor it in the straights what happens? 
A: Insurance requires we all run together without people doing these things. So, unfortunately, we are forced to bring the group in, throw you out of the track area and bar you from running any more laps AND you lose your money for laps.  This is about going faster than you can in a corner everyday and the unique opportunity of enjoying the high banked corners.  There are interstates everywhere and a drag strip across the street to go fast in a straight line.

Q: What if I don’t want to go fast but still want to drive the track? 
A: Just let us know and we will put you in a “tour” speed group that does 50 or so.

Q: Can I take video of my laps? 
A: Only if the camera is securely mounted.  There will be a lot of G forces and a driver has no business holding a camera/phone and a passenger might let it fly out the window ruining the phone/camera and stopping the session.

Q: Can I get photos of me and my car on track?
A: Absolutely, we will have a professional photographer on hand and we will give you info on how to find your pictures to order.

Absolutely NOT.  You need only pay general admission for the driver and and any passengers.

Yes, for car show participants and it is free.

Load in will happen Friday afternoon the 12th.  Exact timing window is still to be decided but we encourage tow-in participants to load in Friday whether they stay on site on Friday night or not to reduce Saturday AM traffic.

All camping must be self contained. There is no water or electricity in the infield but bathroom facilities with running water are available.  Any fires must be in a fire ring or commerical fire pit.

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