New events, new ways to find things.

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After wondering if we would ever be able to have events early this year, we have rebounded and are really starting to hit a stride. Well, as much of a stride as anything can be in 2020.

We have had steadily growing and steadily smoother events as we work out all the fine details of transforming good ideas into something truly great.

We examine every aspect of what we are doing during each registration period and at every event. One thing we discovered is folks weren’t finding a few things as easily as we hoped.

Directions, schedules, tech sheets and waivers were there, but not in a central place that was easy to find.

We are addressing this by making a “Venue Page” for every SCDE/SCS venue. We still post the announcement of a fresh event on the homepage each time we have one but we will only include details unique to that event and then have a link to the venue page for all the things that do not change from event to event. Track map, site maps, hotel info, camping and directions will all be on the venue page.

The hope is, with a page that changes only rarely for a major change people will start to understand exactly where to find the info they need and use it as a reference.

Let us know how it is working over the next couple of events

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Volunteer Heroes

As many of you know, we rely on volunteers to pull these events off and this event, work/family/previous plans left us with the smallest crew we have ever had for an event. The skeleton crew that was able to come did an unbelievable job and a crew of only 12 people presented a fantastic, smooth, on schedule event.

Winding down, and for a change, a nice surprise in 2020.

No one in their right mind would launch a company during a pandemic that destroyed so many long established small businesses. Certainly any thinking person would have closed up shop to wait and try once the madness was over.

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