Welcome to the world of Short Course Drivers Education

Welcome to SCDE or, Short Course Driver Education, your first step towards fun, safe, successful HPDE driving. 

Short Course Drivers Education (SCDE) is just what it says, it is an HPDE on a short, usually temporary course.

Course length and speeds are scaled-down in comparison to HPDE and runoff is usually plentiful and when it is not, the barriers are forgiving.  Think interstate speeds, not triple digits.  

Instead of concrete walls, we have simply paint, cones or soft barriers to define “out of bounds”.

The size and speeds are similar to autocross but it is a clearly defined road course that only uses orange cones for out-of-bounds, not a puzzle to figure out like autocross.  When possible, we even draw a complete outline of the track with WIDE chalk or lime lines.

In SCDE drivers run multiple 10 minute sessions of flying laps and point-by overtaking is taught and allowed.

Another big difference from autocross is you are scheduled for a minimum of 30 minutes of track time per 2-hour session instead of 4 to 6 minutes of track time stretched out over a whole day. 

If you want more than one 30-minute session, up to 2 sessions can be preordered and if space is available, you can always add more at the event. 

In all, there are 2 hours of total track time available per participant at each event.

And by the way, there are no long, hot, mandated work sessions.  We provide a staff that does all of that.  You just drive.

You also receive instruction on HPDE procedures and etiquette along with performance driving instruction that helps you become a better, faster driver that is well on your way to being prepared for a track day at a permanent racecourse. 

Oh yes, did we say for a 30-minute 3 run session it is only $95, and only $170 for a full hour of 6 run sessions?

Far less than a full HPDE but only a little more than an Autocross.

Also, don’t miss out on ridiculous savings by purchasing a season pass.

More season pass info here.

So what are you waiting for?

Come join us and discover the racer in you.