Welcome to the world of Short Course Drivers Education

Imagine a venue a little larger and more open than an AutoX course but instead of “reading cones”, you have a full width road course clearly marked with painted lines just like a road.

Imagine instead of 4 to 6 individual start line to finish line runs, driving multiple flying laps during “driving sessions” just like at a track day event.  Imagine 35 to 45 minutes of track time in a day instead of 4 to 6 minutes.

Imagine no long hot mandated work sessions to participate.

Imagine you also receive instruction on HPDE procedures and etiquette along with performance driving instruction that helps you become a better, faster driver that is prepared for a track day at a permanent racecourse. 

Imagine it  only costs a little more than autocross. 

Welcome to SCDE or, Short Course Driving Education, our complimenting and preparatory event for future M4theM track days and Short Course Scramble competition.

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