Welcome to the world of Short Course Drivers Education

Welcome to SCDE or, Short Course Driving Education, our complimenting and preparatory event for future M4theM track days and Short Course Scramble competition.

Short Course Drivers Education (SCDE) is just what it says, it is an HPDE on a short, usually temporary course.

Course length and speeds are scaled down in comparison to HPDE and runoff is plentiful.  Think interstate speeds, not triple digits.  

Instead of concrete walls we have soft barriers to define “out of bounds”.

It is pretty much the same scale track as an autocross but it is a painted road course that only uses cones for information, not track definition.  In SCDE drivers run timed sessions of flying laps and point by overtaking is allowed.

Another big difference from autocross is you are scheduled for a total of 40 minutes of track time in a half day session instead of 4 to 6 minutes stretched out over a whole day.  If you are an iron man, (or woman) you can do an all day entry and get an hour and 20 minutes of track time. 

There are no long hot mandated work sessions just to participate though opportunities for free track time for becoming volunteer staff are available.

You also receive instruction on HPDE procedures and etiquette along with performance driving instruction that helps you become a better, faster driver that is prepared for a track day at a permanent racecourse. 

Oh yes, and at most venues it is less than $100.  Far less than a full HPDE but only a little more than an Autocross.

We are serious about safety and skill development but we are serious about fun too!

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