The Schedule is HERE!

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We just got our schedule 95% finalized, at least to the point that we feel very little should change.

We have a lot of exciting new twists this year and we have added 2 new regions and and 13 new and unique track configurations among the 7 venues we will visit.

We are doing 2 combo events where we have traditional road drives in the twisties capped off by SCDE events as the finale.

Also, we will do our first 2 day weekends in Darlington (participant numbers permitting) where we run the opposite direction on the second day.

We will have convertible courses that can be changed in just minutes that will allow Novice drivers a fair challenge but allows the more experienced driver new challenges as well with the moving of just a few cones.

We are also making our courses longer. Advanced drivers will now have the opportunity to work on shifting as 2nd gear may run out on the new track designs.

And finally, with everything we do to try to prepare our drivers for success on a permanent racecourse, we have tweaked our “point by zones” to better reflect what you would find at every HPDE and track day you might encounter. It is a simple minor change that will actually make the driver’s decisions easier and makes the official’s enforcement more cut and dried as well.

Cars entering the Karousel at Summit Point Shenandoah

Can you say TRACK DAYS? All this leads up to M4theM positioning itself to be the best, most safe and well ran track days in the industry. We will accept nothing less from all our experiences, whether it be SCDE (which will remain a steady backbone of what we do) or our fledgling Track Day program, we will always work to be the best, safest, most welcoming culture in the industry. For our first attempt at track days this yea, we will start our venture on shorter stepping stone tracks in the form of VIR Patriot, and will finish on the uber-fun Shenandoah course at Summit Point WV.

Lots of fun for all.

We will do follow up posts in the coming days to give more details on all the new opportunities but the calendar is up, and we will open registration VERY soon for the first Darlington on March 27th.

Stay tuned.

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Volunteer Heroes

As many of you know, we rely on volunteers to pull these events off and this event, work/family/previous plans left us with the smallest crew we have ever had for an event. The skeleton crew that was able to come did an unbelievable job and a crew of only 12 people presented a fantastic, smooth, on schedule event.

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