Our tours and events are tailored to the desires and abilities of the participants; whether that includes cruising through beautiful countryside or enjoying the roads in a more spirited fashion, M4theM provides a worry free experience with no risk of getting lost, no checking your google maps constantly, just your enjoyment of the open road and the beautiful sights and scenery of the back roads of America.

You will be lead by experienced and trained guides with 2 decades of sports car driving and road knowledge to ensure your trip hits all the right roads, destinations, and operates stress free.

Day trips, multi day trips and site based events each have your entire trip pre curated.  No research needed on your part, we will have hotels arranged, meals and activities planned for you, entertainment opportunities already set up,  just arrive and drive.

If you prefer a leisurely, scenic drive we have every spot and every road you would enjoy.  Interesting sights off the beaten path and destinations most people will never experience are brought to you guided, vetted and ready to enjoy.  Accommodation levels are tailored to meet the tastes and preferences of the participants of each trip, just let us know what you prefer when you book and we will build you a custom experience.

Our more spirited drives are perfect for drivers who smile at “curves ahead” signs. Our guides will lead you through roads both you and your car will enjoy.  For those who’ve never driven their car in a more spirited fashion, our guides can introduce you to your car’s potential and how to explore that potential in a safe environment that will build good habits for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Whether you prefer a leisurely cruise to view sights and visit destinations or a spirited romp through the mountain twisties, with M4theM you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience of automotive exhilaration on the finest roads enjoying the finest scenery America has to offer.

Upcoming Tours

Day trips are planned for June and July and a multi day tour to Miatas at the Gap is planned for the last week of July.
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