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Wow, what a wild weekend in Franklin!

Our biggest turnout ever in Franklin was accompanied by gremlins trying to sabotage us but to no avail.  We put on and enjoyed the best Franklin event we have had to date.

As many of you know, we rely on volunteers to pull these events off and this event, work/family/previous plans left us with the smallest crew we have ever had for an event.  The skeleton crew that was able to come did an unbelievable job and a crew of only 12 people presented a fantastic, smooth, on schedule event.

Due to the small crew, we had to re-arrange where the S/F line was as well as the timing.  What we failed to realize is we needed to have the wire for the laser to go over the grid road so instead of taking a chance on damaging our wires, our timing crew did manual timing.  Every lap that was turned was captured by hand by a crew of only 1-2 or at most 3 people throughout the day.  While accuracy was not the same as a laser, they managed to catalog enough laps spot on that all participants could see their progress through the day.  Our hats are off to Andrew Mohs, Angela Ritch and Zach Gobille for the dedicated, fantastic work.

To compound things, when we were getting ready to put out the final cones and pipes, the truck died.

After we scrambled for a few minutes deciding how to proceed, the staffers rose to the occasion and had the track ready to go in plenty of time.

During the event all workers had to man their posts all day without breaks except for lunch and a huge attaboy is due to Robby Helms, Eric Ho, Andrew Celli and Stefan Brittan.  Due to his schedule, Stefan had not been able to come to any events after training, but he did his job without missing a beat.  His eagle eyes were trained on the out of bounds and kept everyone honest.

We thought we had fixed the truck on Sunday morning but found ourselves with a dead truck once again when pressure washing and lost several hours to repairs.  The last of the cleanup ended right as the sun set and we finally got home about 12AM Monday morning.  Gargantuan thanks go to Andrew Mohs (again) Jordan Mamara and Joe Wright for sticking in and helping with everything.

Another shout out I want to give is to Steve Williams.  He ran our instructing crew for the first time Sunday and did a great job getting the folks that struggled up to speed and served as a great ambassador with the participants.

All these guys and gals really impressed Amber and I with your above and beyond efforts and we wanted to publicly say thank you.  M4theM is in good hands.

To all the participants, wow! Great job as well.

For the first time ever, ZERO red flags, probably only 2 yellows (that I saw) and some really tight but courteous driving.

Can not wait for Darlington!


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