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After much weeping and gnashing of teeth, it appears this old dog has learned a new trick. (thanks to an assistant that is way better than I at this stuff.)

Start looking here for posts of interest, news updates and featured articles about the staff and participants of the M4theM family.

Our first few posts will be about this upcoming year and some of the new things we are in the process of doing so climb on board with us as we start making a name for ourselves in motorsports.

Thanks for reading and thanks most of all for being a part of the M4theM family.

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2020 SCDE/SCS Schedule

Due to the COVID-19 actions taken both locally and Nationally, we are SUSPENDING registration for our APRIL 19th EVENT.Currently, the venue, Winston

Crazy Days

Believe it or not, I think we may actually pull this crazy thing off.

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