Winding down, and for a change, a nice surprise in 2020.

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Wow, what a strange year it has been. When I took the plunge last December and made M4theM official with the secretary of state here in NC, I had no idea what was ahead.

If I had known, I might not have done it.

No one in their right mind would launch a company during a pandemic that destroyed so many long established small businesses. Certainly any thinking person would have closed up shop to wait and try once the madness was over.

I am glad I was unaware of what was to come, and I am glad I was crazy enough to push forward once it became evident 2020 was the year of absolute chaos.

We met so many wonderful people in 2020, participants, partners, staffers, and yes, even a few “fans”. We had our first national exposure via Torch and the Changli and made a lot of new friends.

We have built a culture of mutual inclusiveness, support and enjoyment that only exists when a lot of good people come together to do good things for and with others.

While we are still barely staying alive financially from event to event, often only because of the gracious staffers, sponsors and participants that give so much above and beyond what was ever asked or expected, we are still here.

We will remain, and we plan to become better to honor the people listed above, because those people are M4theM.

While we have lamented the unavailability of our Winston Salem (closest to home) venue, we have had the wonderful surprise of how great a relationship we have built with Darlington.

As a result of that relationship, we have managed to replace our November 21st event formerly scheduled for Winston with a bonus event at Darlington.

If you thought about trying M4theM over the year and it just did not work out, Franklin on the 7th is open for registration and Darlington on the 21st is your final chance in 2020.  Follow the link below to learn more about each event.

Come on out and experience for yourself what we believe to be the safest, friendliest and best value for an inroad to motorsports. I can’t imagine you will be disappointed.


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