M4theM moves the June 26th Darlington event to a new venue, an awesome new venue!

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The Darlington event scheduled for June 26 has been moved, about an hour up the road.

I guess I better start at the beginning.

We have been getting a good amount of feedback from folks saying they liked Darlington better in the fall when it is cooler and they don’t have to worry about using up their autoX tires since the AX season is over by then.  We had one lone signup for the 26th as of last Wed.

As many of you know, Rockingham Speedway has been re-inventing itself under new ownership. Drifting and other automotive events have been showing up on their calendar and there has been a lot of excitement.  After trying unsuccessfully for almost a year to contact the powers that be, this past Wednesday I finally did.  (thanks to a heads up from Brent Skrt on Facebook)

Fast forward 2 hours from his Facebook post and I am sitting in the office at Rockingham shaking hands on a partnership between M4theM and the speedway.

Friday we made it official and our first effort together will be on June 26th at their “Guardians First Responders Royale” paintball event. 


Well, there are also racecar things involved, and that is where we come in.

M4theM will provide event and race control as well the pace cars/drivers for Charity laps around THE OVAL.  We will also be giving “hotlaps” in some of our participant/instructor cars.  (nothing crazy, just 15-20 mph faster than people are allowed to go in their own cars behind the pace car, plus, they get to ride in some cool cars while they do it.)

If the oval portion weren’t enough, for those of you that were looking forward to our Darlington event, we are adding an all-day SCDE on the 16 turn, .75 mile long infield portion of the road course with a whopping one hour and 35 minutes of track time for only $175.  Due to the size, speed, and newness of the venue, we are not able to accommodate novices at this event.  You must be M4theM solo certified or have HPDE/Track day solo experience elsewhere.  See below for how a novice can still get a taste of the track. 

Between SCDE run groups, we will also be raising money from walk-up pace laps on the infield SCDE Course, hotlap rides on the SCDE course and we will offer a limited number of 10-minute novice instructed sessions for those not interested in the full SCDE but wanting a real taste of what we do.

Full details of pricing and times and “taste of the SCDE” sessions will be worked out with Rockingham during the week of June 2-8 but the all-day SCDE price of $175 is solid and there are only 45 spots available.

Oh, yea, and did I mention M4theM and Rockingham will be doing some reconfiguring of the 1.5 mile roval layout this summer and holding the first track day on the new configuration?  Circle Oct 2nd on your calendars.  It is going to be YUGE!

Get your SCDE registration done soon, space is limited.

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