Schedule Update (and Web Overhaul)

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Since our schedule can be fluid due to changing venue and insurance requirements, it has been difficult to post a yearly schedule as people tend to save a screenshot or a copy, and then when something changes it is instantly out of date.

To combat this, we are now making the schedule dynamic. The most up-to-date schedule we have will be the new, dynamic one on the homepage.

We are also making a few changes to how we open events. We are going to experiment with having the next event for each venue open much earlier with multiples open at one time. Instead of the first week being early bird, early bird now runs from event opening till 4 weeks before the event.

This gives folks more time to sign up and take advantage of the few $$ off.

We are also updating our refund policy. If you cancel 4 weeks (28 days) before an event, you get a full refund. After 28 days out, we can only offer credits. Inside the last week, no credits will be given unless the event has a waiting list to fill the canceled spot. These changes are mostly to protect us at events that have a low turnout. As we get closer to hitting capacity at events, we may change things back to a later window.

We have added a FAQ section that we will be adding to as we go along. If you have questions or suggestions, let us know.

The new site design should work much better on mobile devices and we are making sure all pages respond properly on all devices.

Let us know what you think.

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